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OLA EC Units Mix

Type Unit Numbers Floor Area (sqft) No of Units Share Value
2 Bedroom A1, A1-1, A1-P
#01-23 to #15-23 
#01-36 to #15-36
775 30 6
3 Bedroom B1, B1-P, B1-R
B1-1, B1-2, B1-3
#01-01 to #15-01 
#01-02 to #16-02 
#01-05 to #15-05 
#02-10 to #15-10 
#03-13 to #16-13 
#03-14 to #15-14 
#01-20 to #15-20 
#01-27 to #15-27 
#01-31 to #16-31 
#01-32 to #15-32
926 148 6
B2, B2-P,
B2-R B2-1, B2-2
#01-06 to #16-06 
#01-09 to #16-09 
#01-19 to #16-19
947 48 6
3 Bedroom + 1 Dulexe B6, B6-1, B6-2, B6-P #01-30 to #15-30 1001
15 6
3 Bedroom + 1 Premium B3, B3-1, B3-P
#01-21 to #15-21 
#01-34 to #15-34
1055 30 6
B4, B4-1, B4-2 B4A, B4A-1,
B4A-2, B4A-P, B4A-R
#01-22 to #15-22 
#01-28 to #16-28 
#01-33 to #15-33
1055 46 6
B5, B5-1, B5-2, B5-P,
B5-R, B5A, B5A-1, B5A-P
#01-04 to #15-04 
#01-08 to #15-08 
#01-11 to #15-11 
#03-15 to #15-15 
#01-17 to #15-17 
#01-24 to #16-24 
#01-26 to #15-26 
#01-29 to #15-29 
#01-35 to #16-35
1055 1356
4 Bedroom C1, C1-P, C1-1,
C1-2, C1-3
#01-03 to #15-03 
#01-07 to #15-07 
#01-12 to #15-12 
#03-16 to #15-16 
#02-18 to #15-18 
#01-25 to #15-25
1389 87 7
5 Bedroom Penthouse PH1
#16-03, #16-07 
#16-11, #16-25, 
#16-15, #16-17
1722 6 8
PH2 #16-21, #16-33 2
PH3 #16-29 1

OLA EC Unit Distribution

Ola EC Floor Plan

Ola EC Floor Plan

OLA EC Floor Plans


Ola EC Floor Plan

Ola EC Floor Plan


Ola EC Floor Plan


Ola EC Floor Plan

Ola EC Floor Plan


Ola EC Floor Plan

Ola EC Floor Plan


Ola EC Floor Plan

Ola EC Floor Plan

OLÁ: Your Smart Home

Powered by Samsung Smart Things


Smart Hub Samsung SmartThings Hub

The Smart Hub by Samsung SmartThings allows you to monitor, control and schedule every smart device at home, from the air conditioning to the smart digital door lock. Through the app, you will also be able to monitor movements in your home, adjust the lights, or track any water leakages when you add smart devices.


Climate Control IR Hub by Sensibo

Say goodbye to chunky aircon remotes and dead batteries situations. With Sensibo Climate Control, you can control aircon temperatures at home from your mobile app. Best of all, you can set when to have the air conditioning on and off according to your schedule.


Smart Digital Door Lock by Samsung

It’s time to ditch your keys. With Samsung’s smart digital door lock, you can choose between fingerprint authentication, digital number codes, or even your mobile app to have your door unlocked. Extra security features like double authentication and anti-theft modes ensures peace of mind.

Smart Living at Home

This is how living in OLÁ gives you a smart lifestyle

Powered by Legate Lifestyle

Wouldn't it be nice to have the balcony blinds roll up or down without getting off your couch, control natural light and temperature and even the humidity at home? Yes, you can now enjoy convenience at your fingertips in your home today with OLÁ’s partnership with a trusted and known Singapore brand, Legate Lifestyle. Here are the other products you can enjoy with Legate, and the options to customise and expand the possibilities of smart home living.

Smart Dryer

Never have to worry about hanging your laundry outdoors. The smart dryer allows you to activate the system’s function remotely, giving you convenient control right from your pocket. With things simply just a tap away, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your clothers to the mercy of unpredictable weather again

Robotic Vacuum

Keeping a house clean is hard work and time-consuming. Spend time on what matters more to you, and enjoy the bliss of returning to a clean home with a smart vacuum robot. Schedule cleaning according to your needs, whether it’s several times a week or once a day right before you get home. Come back to a clean home without lifting a finger, as it should be with a smart lifestyle.

3-in-1, Smart Air purifier

We spend most of our time indoors. Take control of the quality of air at home with a smart air purifier to protect and ensure better health for you and your loved ones. With powerful purification methods, the air purifier ensures effective removal of dust, viruses and other air pollutants at home. It also provides real-time display of PM2.5 air quality.


Smart Blinds

Want to take a nap in the middle of the day, or love waking up to sunlight? OLÁ’s smart blinds can be controlled without you even needing to get off your couch. You can control your blinds to have it up or down using your mobile phone and even schedule it to suit your family's lifestyle.


3-in-1, Smart Aroma Diffuser

Not just your ordinary air diffuser, this product is designed to fill the air with fragrance and moisture. It is also an aroma diffuser, humidifier as well as a speaker to provide soothing tunes. It also comes with an adjustable atmosphere lamp with colour selection modes. Now, you can control your aroma diffuser from anywhere at any time with your smartphone.


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